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Social media what to expect in 2018

Digital media is constantly changing, just 12 years ago Facebook wasnt known, now its one of the worlds most valuable companies.  Its algorithims keep changing and where once we were able to get all our posts shown and seen now we are lucky to have 2% seen.
Then we had analytics and were able to track and measure outcomes like never before.  But now we find that over 80% of visits to our web sites are via Dark media and cant yet be tracked accurately

This all makes it hard for smaller organisations (without digital teams) to keep up.  So trying to anticipate trends its important, enabling you to plan.

Algorithms  - what happened to my friends??  
You will probably have noticed that you don’t get to see all your friend’s posts.  That’s because Facebooks (everchanging) algorithms are deciding what, who you are interested in, and as we are discovering giving you only information that fits your world view. 
Brands are also seeing their organic post reach continuing to nose dive.  You can tweak as much as you like but the reality is social media want your money.  So if you want to have your posts, tweets, seen then you are going to have to pay.

As Twitter and Snapchat have yet to make money – you can expect those platforms to attempt some new things in 2018.

Ethics and transparency – not something we currently associate with some social media platforms after all the revelations of 2016/7.  Facebook has been quite rightly accused of grossly exaggerating its metrics – claiming for instance that a 3 sec scroll over a video is a view!!!  Google has been showing ads alongside extreme content, on web sites that really don’t match the advertisers brands positioning. 
So in exchange for yet more $ from marketers expect platforms to have to start behaving better- maybe.

The dark side - Darth Vader would be impressed!

Dark social traffic is traffic that comes from private social channels, such as Email, Text messages/SMS and Messaging apps like WhatsApp.  Analytics tools are unable to track their true origin, often classifying it as ‘direct’ traffic instead. That’s obviously a problem. The more we know about our traffic the more we can understand how our site and our marketing channels are performing. The problem is that its estimated that over 80% of traffic can't be accurately tracked, and the use of messaging apps is growing.  

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