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Is being Eco-Friendly Unmanly?

 If you are an environmentally conscious organisation and you need to appeal to both men and women. Then may you need to consider something other than just ‘green’ in your branding!!

Women tend to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Compared to men, women litter less, recycle more, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.  With consumers who engage in green behaviours being stereotyped by others as more feminine and even perceive themselves as more feminine.

Recent research has shown that men tend to be more concerned than women with gender-identity maintenance, and that this green-feminine stereotype may motivate men to avoid green behaviors in order to preserve a macho image.  
Think Jeremy Clarkson!!!

So what can environmental marketers do to buffer against the threat posed to men by the green-feminine stereotype?

Green products and organizations can be marketed as more “Men”-vironmentally-friendly, with more masculine fonts, colors, words, and images used in the branding. For instance men were found to donate more to a ‘charity’ Wilderness Rangers in a bold font and a black and blue logo with a howling wolf, than Friends of Nature” in a frilly font and a Tree logo in green and light tan colors.

So make the man feel manly, and he’s more likely to go green.

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