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Blog posts January 2018

Towards a better future - the role for organisations

“There can be no plan B, because there is no planet B.”

Better Futures report – 2016 – Colmar Brunton

A tracking study of 13,600 people & their attitudes & behaviour towards socially, environmentally & economically responsible brands by Colmar Brunton showed that although many don’t kn…

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Is being Eco-Friendly Unmanly?

 If you are an environmentally conscious organisation and you need to appeal to both men and women. Then may you need to consider something other than just ‘green’ in your branding!!

Women tend to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Compared to men, women litter less, recycle more, and leave…

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E mail is still strong but how it's read has changed.

Email is still going strong – but to be successful marketers and fundraisers need to adapt to changes in how E mail is read and ensure that relevant content is going to their different audiences.

Research shows that email newsletters are still popular and returning good ROI.   Given that in NZ …

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Social media what to expect in 2018

Digital media is constantly changing, just 12 years ago Facebook wasnt known, now its one of the worlds most valuable companies.  Its algorithims keep changing and where once we were able to get all our posts shown and seen now we are lucky to have 2% seen.
Then we had analytics and were able to t…

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